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35 years industry experience, successfully negotating hundreds of sales from the smaller family vessel to Superyachts

North Star

North Star is no stranger to the local boating public, she featured as a media center for reporters and journalists on multiple Americas cup regattas, on the Auckland Haruaki Gulf.

4 double cabins



Total Luxury

Bryce Taylor

About Coast Marine Brokers

Coast marine brokers are a team dedicated to providing the personalised service, support and results our clients deserve. As a trusted partner we navigate you through the process of buying or selling your boat in the most trustworthy and professional manner.

"We enjoyed working with Bryce recently when purchasing our sports fisher launch. He was very personable, easy to work with and went the extra mile. Even though the sale was over a year ago he still keeps in touch to this day." Rotorua

Alan and Shona Duncan - Customer

Bill Upfold 

I have known Bryce for many years and have always found him willing to go the extra mile for his customers. Bryce and I have concluded several boat sale deals together and every time both vender and purchaser have been happy with the outcome.

Bryce’s work ethic is very much in line with my own where by giving the customer the best experience possible, relationships mean more than the deal itself.

Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending Bryce to handle your boat brokering needs.

Bill Upfold

Elite Marine Design

Bill Upfold - Customer

Video & Photo Services

Bryce taylor has worked as an award winning professional photographer and drone pilot, for the last 20years.  

We can provide eye catching images both still and video 


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